My Growth

Writing has never been my strong point.  That being said, this class has helped me work on it and I have seen myself improving little by little.  The comments (and lack thereof) that I have gotten on my posts have helped me to push my writing in a positive direction.  I started off not knowing what to write about, so I defaulted to talking about myself a bit too much.  But thanks to Jane calling me out indirectly and reading others’ blogs, I gained a better understanding of how I wanted to tackle my writing and how to get my thoughts to translate into writing.

Examples of My Writing

My post about college professors using bad PowerPoints and saying it is tech in the classroom was one that helped me learn a good amount about my own thinking.  It was enlightening to me to have Harith, Jayme, and Jane all agree with me on some points but also provide counterarguments to some of my opinions.  It made me rethink my stance on clicker questions as an educational, tool, and although I still don’t think that they are the best way to engage students, I think they can serve a good purpose in a well structured classroom.

Another example of my writing that I am proud of is the blog post I made about intellectual property.  The readings that we had this week were very thought provoking to me and made it easy for me to write about.  It was nice to talk about something in class and online with people and have conversations with others in the comments.  Talking with Jayme about terms and conditions (she actually reads them, like a crazy person =P) was fun and enlightening.  I also got to share with her a site that gives you the important parts of any websites’ terms and conditions.  It was fun to be able to share some of my knowledge with her and anyone else who read our conversation.

Examples of My Commenting

Commenting was one part of this class that I admit I was not very good at.  It was extremely stressful for me to critique others thought processes, and finding things to add or that would push them in a positive directing was hard. However as the class progressed and people made comments on my own blog, I saw the benefits that others’ thoughts gave me.  It made it easier for me to comment on others blogs and I made attempts to help others as they had helped me.


Apple in Her Eye – Quality Failure Feb. 27, 2017


This post was one that really spoke to me and my experiences.  I really enjoyed what she said about people being “unfinished”.  I feel that a lot of problems in the world stem from people reaching a point in their life where they think “this is the best I will ever be”.  I really wanted to highlight the point that we are never perfect, and should always be striving to better ourselves and our world.  Learning and growing is and integral part of life, and, especially as educators, we should always be striving to be better and learn more.


Harith Augustus – Last Blog. March 6, 2017


This post by Harith was another one that struck a cord in me.  I spent a lot of time searching for something that I was passionate about in school.  I tried really hard and sampled many classes and disciplines, but could never find something that clicked.  Eventually I kind of gave up, took a year off, and found a job.  It was in that job that I found my passion, and once it clicked it was kind of a “well duh” moment.  I wanted to highlight that point for him in his post and encourage him to keep trying new things in order to hopefully stumble on new passions.