Curation, Weekly Plays, and Failures

Curation on Known

I really enjoyed the class page on Known.  Seeing what kind of content others in the class deemed important to share is really interesting and educational.  It helped me find places to get good information and also taught me what kind of content is accurate and shareable.

The content that I shared has mostly been related to my passion of Educational Technology and Computer Science. For example this research talks about teaching new digital literacies at the grade school level using Computer Science and coding.  This was a cool blog post that I discovered via Twitter that spoke about a lot of things I am very passionate about and I felt related well to our class topic of digital literacy.

Another post I made on the Known site came after our talk with the librarian about filter bubbles.  The week after that class, I saw that TED had posted a playlist of their videos relating to filter bubbles.  The playlist contained the video we had watched in class on it as well as eight other related videos.  It was really cool to see something so relevant to our current learning come up on Twitter, so I shared it so that anyone else in the class could expand on the subject if they were as interested as I was.

The known curation was one of the things in this class that I really enjoyed and learned a lot from.  Sifting through everything on the internet is pretty exhausting sometimes, and being able to look through articles and ideas that other people I trust had deemed interesting and relevant was really cool.  This is something that I would love to be able to find online and do after the conclusion of the class.  Twitter has been good for finding articles about things I care about, but the articles that others posted in known were not always things that I think I would of found otherwise, and that is something I don’t want to lose.

Weekly Plays

The weekly plays have been a new experience for me.  I’ve never had a class where we were expected to have fun while learning, its really refreshing to not have to take yourself and your school work so seriously sometimes.

The weekly play that stretched my thinking the most was the time I made a scratch game for my students.  In my blog post I talked about the fact that I teach using scratch, but I have never thought to make games that the students could play and learn from.  It seems like such an obvious tool to use in my classes, but it took this class and this weekly play to point me in the direction.  Although the game itself wasn’t a huge success in my classroom,  I intend to expand on the concept of gamification in my classrooms.  It has also pushed me towards a more gamification focus for my own education.

The weekly play that I am most proud of is the Snapchat story I did advocating for my job and teaching computer science in K-12 schools.  I always love talking about my job and all of the great things that we do.  It was fun to think about how to show what we do using only pictures and small pieces of text.  I also enjoyed showing off some of my students’ games and highlighting the need for more computer science related materials in schools.  I’m extremely proud of what I do and the students that I have, so being able to utilize that in class made me even more proud of where I am currently in life and how much I have grown over the past few years.


Quality Fails

Failure is something that I have had to come to terms with in my life.  I dropped out of college my first go around because I couldn’t handle failing. This class has helped me work on “failing forward” and made it easier for me to try new things without worrying about the possible implications of failure.  It has been liberating to take a class that rewards me for failing and shows failure as a positive learning experience.

My first big failure this quarter was when I made a game for my students for a weekly play.  When I showed it to them it was met with a pretty lackluster response. From this I learned that in order to grab the attention of my students I need to put more effort into the games I make for them.  I also learned about the Cooney Center, Constance Steinkuehler, and the psychology of color and sounds due to Harith and Jane’s comments on my  blog post.

Another fail that I have had in this class was the fact that I moved in the middle of the quarter.  It really drove me up the wall having to balance work, school, and home life at the same time while also having personal things going on.  However it helped me to realize how much I need to plan out my time in the coming quarters in order to not procrastinate on the things that I need to get done.  It may not be the best quality fail that I have, but I feel I have learned a lot from the experience and generated some goals on how I want to manage my time going forward.

My other big fail in the class was trying to use twitter as a search engine.  This was when I first started using twitter and didn’t really know much about what it was about.  Jayme was trying to help and linked Jane into our conversation, but I quickly realized I was wasting everybody’s time when I should have done more research on the tools I wanted to choose between before asking on Twitter.  I felt a bit dumb when Jane did the search for me and I hadn’t even done that step myself yet.  However it was a good learning experience and made me realize I need to do the groundwork myself before getting other people’s opinions on things. Below is the twitter conversation and the end is when I realized how dumb I was being.  Thanks for the lesson! And I apologize for not replying, I did not know what to say.

TweetsTweet 2