Pecha Kucha

For my Pecha Kucha, I decided to get a bit creative with it.  I made a scratch game  instead of a traditional slide show.  (WordPress doesn’t allow embedded flash games, so I couldn’t make it show on this) Most of this decision was based off of the fact that I DESPISE PowerPoint and its alternatives.  It was also a lot of fun to code the slides and add little animations into it.  I really liked the Pecha Kucha format and the time limit that is assocaited with it.  Death by PowerPoint is something that has always been a pet-peave of mine, so the Pecha Kucha method will be something I talk about and advocate for going forward.

My question coming into this class was a bit twofold.  The biggest reason I took this class was to explore the intersection of education and technology and to see if it was something that I wanted to pursue.  For this reason a lot of my presentation revolved around my growth as an educator/learner and me coming to realize that education is something I would like to get into.  I wanted to focus on how much the others in the class contributed to my learning and my idea of education as a profession.  The thing that I know I will always remember about this class is that it created a lot of goals for me.  I have goals to get the most out of my education, to network better, and to pursue education to name a few.

The other big question that I had coming into the class was how to portray myself online.  A lot of my blogging and networking was about this question and trying to get feedback on my intereactions.  Jayme was awesome in helping me restructure my thinking about this and is the reason I wanted to showcase what she said to me in the presentation.  Focusing on certain aspects of my personality that I want to portray online wasn’t something that I had thought about before.  I was alwasy focused on trying to be “me” online instead of finding the “online me”.  This was a another big take-away I have from this class and I am excited to start trying to put it to use in my networking circles.

Overall most of the presentations in the class were pretty different as to what the content of them was.  I think Ryan’s was definitely my favorite to watch and think about.  It was so crazy and out there =).  I felt mine was good and I got the points accross that I strived for when I was making it.

Mediated Writing

The mediated writing piece was something that I thoroughly enjoyed.  It seemed like a lot of people felt that way in the class, as a lot of presentations highlighted how cool it was.  I have never been much of a writer, but going back through with one of my old papers and adding media too it really made me want to experience the process from scratch.

In my project, I added a video that highlighted just how crowded the school I was advocating for could get.  That was something that in the original paper I was afraid was not getting accross that well, but once I could add a video showing how it was, it made it much easier to get my point accross.

If I was writing the paper from scratch I think I would have liked to go to the school in person in order to get better pictures and videos of the school and to get the exact pictures I needed in order to showcase the points I wanted to get accross.  Unfortunately google and the school website did not provide the best media for my purposes, but I feel that the ones I went with did more for the reader than plane text did.

The other aspect of the mediated writing piece that I really liked was being able to hyperlink my sources.  I have never thought much about biblographies and don’t think they provide much resourcefulness for the reader.  However, hyperlinking them and allowing the reader to go directly to the source with the click of a button seems a lot more useful to me.

Mediated writing is something that I plan to use in my life when I can swing it for other classes.  It not only seems like a much easier way to get my points across, but also was a lot more fun for me to write.